We are a local development company with a mission to restore the economic fiber of local communities. The name Karasi means “Wisdom & Life” and it is with a strong belief in the human bond and uniting communities that this name applies to the projects the company creates. Our holistic plan is to align traditional neighborhoods byway of culture, values, and history while building greater financial futures and growing stable communities.

Our Core Values

By rebuilding and reinvigorating existing communities and creating modern communal landscapes, our core values build a foundation that enhances continual growth and stability. The company is purposefully driven to empower communities to reach their full potential.

We Are Community Centered

We believe in putting community at the center of what we do, not just by our words but with our actions.

Community Investment Opportunity

The Education & Cultural Center will be a collaborative effort working with our nonprofits and corporate partners. In concert with our mission to restore the economic fiber of local communities, Karasi Development Group, LLC endeavors to use Equity Crowdfunding in a manner that raises capital while simultaneously building equity for local stakeholders.

Equity Crowdfunding is a form of securities investment that was once reserved for wealthy individuals and entities but has recently been made available to the general public through recent changes in Securities and Exchange Commission rules. The adoption of the new rule opens the market up to more than 58 million households, including many Detroit residents. More than just financial investment, residents will also have an opportunity to participate in the historical documentation of their community experience sharing, storytelling, art and cultural exposure.

Meet the team behind our mission.