Boston-Edison & Atkinson Business District

Karasi Development Group’s revitalization projects focus on salvaging the remnants of existing land and property in Detroit’s historic neighborhoods in a manner that serves its residents and preserves and commemorates the area’s legacy. The foundation of each project includes the restoration of historic structures, mixed-use development, the creation of safe and green spaces that include the promotion of art and cultural activities that aid in the strengthening of communities and the fostering of communal efforts.

Boston-Edison & Atkinson Historic Districts have been the area’s stabilizer and helps to improve property values, foster civic beauty, preserve the city’s heritage, and strengthen the local economy. One of the company’s primary focuses is to rebuild, revitalize and reinvest in the area that was decimated during the 1967 rebellion.

The vision is to create a business district that caters to the neighborhood reviving the spirit of community that encompasses the ability to live, work, shop, entertain, and thrive within the historic districts and surrounding communities.

Historic Neighborhood

When one thinks of the historic districts of Boston-Edison and Atkinson Avenue, a certain revelry comes to mind.  The area is known for its rich history, impressive homes, thriving businesses, and overall sustainability.

The distinguished families of the area have had a significant impact on the world.  12th Street (now Rosa Parks Boulevard) is a shell of its former self.  One of the greatest assets of the community is that it served as the area’s business district.

Why Now?

As the city of Detroit is in the midst of a renaissance, it is important to reflect on the old as the new is being built.  The Historic Boston-Edison and Atkinson Avenue Districts must be considered as it serves a model community involvement, engagement, and the opportunity to flourish.

Rebuilding a community that is centered in both grass roots and entrepreneurial spirts is uniquely aligned with many of the extensive projects that the city is currently undertaking.  It is time for the historic districts to not only regain its glory, but to build an even greater community that moves a legacy into a continued promise of growth and reaches beyond borders as we tell a new story.

The Goal

Our goal is to have a business district that emulates the vibrancy seen in communities akin to Midtown Detroit, Washington, DC and Chicago, IL that are rich in culture, style and diversity which makes living in a cosmopolitan city so attractive. The approach is intended to be a “city within a city” wherein the community has a place to meet its needs.  A key goal is to create an environment that stimulates evolution and development.

In restoring this location, it will provide the interdependence necessary to sustain the current growth and influx of community development that this area, and the city at large, is witnessing.  It helps create a fundamental base that allows for further expansion and growth.

Phase 1

The Karasi Education & Cultural Center

The Education & Cultural Center is the first phase of the newly developed Boston-Edison & Atkinson Business District.


The Karasi Education & Cultural Center is the catalyst for Karasi Development Group’s vision to build and grow a business district that unites neighboring communities while encompassing the attractiveness of living in a cosmopolitan city. A 100-year-old blighted structure located across from the flashpoint of the 1967 rebellion will be the first museum, multi-media, and will chronicle the area’s human condition using art, history, and culture. Its art curation, exhibitions, presentations, and instruction will give rise to creative talent, innovation, and economic development.


The purpose of the Education & Cultural Center is to provide a connection to the past while being a beacon for the future. It will lend itself to continued legacy creation that will shape the area for the 21st century.

The center will also allow the public and private sectors to deepen their engagement within the community. It will be a life-transforming force to expand knowledge and move a legacy forward by also offering educational programs, academic support, career, and skills training. This cultural destination will spark economic resurgence and revitalization in the area. For more details, please flip through our more comprehensive plan here.

Unity Square

Unity Square will serve as the community’s temporary civic center providing a sense of place, strengthening its identity, improving well-being, and connecting its stakeholders. It will be a premier meeting place where neighbors and visitors will converge, socialize and exchange ideas. The public space will leverage the unique voices and talents of the community creating a cohesive neighborhood that is more walkable, bikeable, and livable while reactivating economic activity in the area. The force behind every successful urban revitalization project is community engagement.

Our programming and management of the space will encourage social interaction, partnership, and participation of all age.

Phase 2

Mixed-Use Development

The second phase of the project includes the creation of mixed-use buildings that will serve as residential and commercial development. This project will bring state-of-the-art, 21st-century viable healthy living, working, shopping, cultural and entertainment options to the historic district and surrounding communities. Urban mixed-use development infused with art and culture will create the infrastructure that will further stabilize the community, populate the area, secure funding from the state, and city, and be the catalyst for private sector investment.

Phase 3

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education has a significant impact on the educational future of our children and the long-term success of any community. therefore, we will develop a high-performance early childhood and primary school to service our growing young families. The culture of the school will be based on “The Village Concept.” This model views the school as a “Sacred Place” where a covenant exists between the community and the school to ensure the success of all students.

It will be accelerated, holistic and culturally responsive in its curriculum content and structural strategies. This approach will be an evidence-based system that is developmental and process oriented.

School Community has to do with the deep structural fabric of interpersonal relations, shared purpose, and collective investment. Soundly woven, this fabric permits a shared frame of reference and supports high mutual expectations. The foundation for academic success and positive character development.

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